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Earn money when
CATCH UP with Loved Ones

The Only Decentralised Social Media Application (dApp) running on the Smart Chain Network. Where users can always earn money and win rewards by contributing in the largest Social Media ecosystem.

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Trending Videos

Catch-up Trends allows users to watch, create, share short videos and earn from trending.


Catch Up Community allows you to create groups, channels and share your events.


Are you looking for REAL cryptocurrency rewards? Catch-Up Gaming is the right place to MAKE MONEY.

About Catch Up

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Catch Up ecosystem is a 3 in one app

Users can earn Token, and can be awarded ETH, BNB, BTC an CU (Catch Up) For:
  • 🔷Creating and uploading quality content Videos and Photos.
  • 🔷Buy/Sell exchange stored tokens.
  • 🔷Creating their own communicating Groups.
  • 🔷Playing Games and having fun.
Users always will earn money and win rewards by contributing in the largest Social Media ecosystem.
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Chinese representative


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Q3 2022


-1st marketing campaign

-1st Partnership campaign

Release of Catchup app

-Website Huge Marketing

-App beta release



-Community Growth


-CMC and CG

Q4 2022

App Update

-Increase Marketing Campaign

-More Partnerships

-News Articles


-1st Full metaverse social and game.

-Virtual Events.

-2nd Huge Marketing Campaign.

Q1-Q2 2023

Updated 2.0

Release of Catch-Up v2.0 .

Listings cex

-Major centralized exchange listing

Reach +5M Active Users

Reach +5 Millions active users on Catch Up Community .

Frequently Asked Questions

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AVAILABLE on google play store search catch up download and register and enjoy.

Cu has on the pool

  • 500 B CU Total supply.
  • 500 B circulating supply.
  • Initial market cap was 28K $.
  • No mint
  • True burn after buy back from pool.

Catch up has an secured hotwallet you can deposit on it any token and withdraw any time.

From DEX and from catch up app.

The tax is 0 for buy 0 for sell.

Always be 0

As we didn't have a presale (canceled). the company earn from promoters and advertisers inside the app. 30% comission for any promoter and advertiser.

Airdrop,Presales and AMA we help you to get maximum audience to your project.

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Get The App

It’s Free to Download for Everyone get 10K CU inside catch up wallet for your first registration

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Our Latest News

September 23, 2022

[NEW!!]Catch Up Shilling Contest

🚀🚀 CATCH UP TWITTER SHILLING CONTEST 🚀🚀 best shillers win prizes: 🥇1st 100 USDT 🏅2nd 50 USDT 🏅3rd 30 USDT 🏅4th 20 USDT RULES: ‼️ Twitter shilling Only, No need to send twitter screenshots. 👎 Twitter account link is enaugh to proof your work done.👍 GOOD LUCK GUYS

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Caesar Call
September 9, 2022

Catch Up at caesar call

MAURICE IS AWAY FOR A FEW DAYS SO LANDON WILL BE FILLING IN FOR HIM TO CRUSH TODAYS AMA. LETS MAKE IT A GOOD ONE! The project is called Catch Up. It's a decentralized Social Media Application running on BSC network. They are KYC'd and audited.

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Venom calls
September 15, 2022

Venom talks about catch up

Ok everyone, we are having an AMA with Catch Up - https://t.me/Catch_up_Community in 30 minutes (5pm UTC). As always, @Venom_XVII is the host. Catch Up is a decentralized social media dApp where users can earn token simply by "catching up". Users create and upload their own content, communicate in groups and play games together. They already have a completed dApp, are KYC and are audited.

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September 09, 2022

PancakeSwap listing + 100% locked pool

Three days after launching catch up reach X10 his initial price. locked pool for one year and zero tax was a success for our launching.

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September 13, 2022

Catch Up Compitition 2022

🔥🚀Contest Rules Win Up to 10X in your investments🚀🔥 🔥🚀Here -> CATCH UP contest at https://catch-up.media/grupo/entry🚀🔥

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Catch Up With Us


100 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California